Barefoot Bowls

At Club Musgrave

Want to join a fun social environment, to learn the in’s and out’s of the bowls world?

Come on down and see all that Club Musgrave has to offer! For almost a century the historic Musgrave Hill Bowls Club has remained one of the Gold Coast’s finest lawn bowls clubs in Southport. Now Club Musgrave; Everything you need for an unforgettable occasion is all in one convenient and unique location. 

With 3 immaculate bowling greens; All but one having a shade cover to protect our guests from the harsh conditions of our Queensland summers –
Short of that, sunscreen can always be found inside the club entrance. 

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For just $5, everything you will need for a leisurely day of Barefoot Bowls will be provided. 

Of course children are welcome, we only request that you ensure they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times.


  1. No Drinking or Smoking on the Greens
  2. No Dumping, Throwing or Kicking bowls around
  3. Please make sure to wear shoes when entering the club
  4. HAVE FUN!

Being a Fully Licensed facility, it’s the perfect location for your next work function, special occasion, or Christmas party. To book your next function or group gathering at Club Musgrave, call 5532 1277 today, to learn more about how to make a Social Barefoot Bowls booking.